Game University: Photoloco

Game University: Photoloco

From the fine folks that brought you Jishaku comes a wonderful new game called Photoloco.

A brilliant and inventive take on group drawing games, Photoloco challenges players to have their teammates guess as many of the words on their card as possible before the timer runs out. With Photoloco, however, players do not draw on blank paper.

Using an ingenious photo holder and a dry erase marker, players draw their clues over top of large pictures that, if used thoughtfully, can help teamates guess the correct word. It is as if you are drawing on a large canvas that helps put the clues in context. But if your clues are not spot on, the picture may only confuse and send them in the wrong direction.

A secret red-reveal panel keeps everybody honest, dry erase markers allow players to play over and over, and play is fast and often times quite hilarious.

The game comes with 100 photo cards and it perfect for ages 8 to adult. Come in and check out why Photoloco is an aMuse Team favorite. 

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