Play and Preservation: Blue Orange Games

Play and Preservation: Blue Orange Games



Using durable materials, Blue Orange pledges to produce high quality, eco-friendly games. Their respect for the environment and commitment to following ecologically responsible business practices permeates the company culture, earning them the first ever Dr. Toy “Green Toy Company Award” on Earth Day, April 22, 2007.  

As eco-pioneers in the toy industry, Blue Orange Games carries out many initiatives to ensure its Green ethos.

Tree Campaign
Blue Orange has pledged to plant two trees for every one used in the production of its games. Since their tree campaign began in the summer of 2006 over 25,000 trees have been planted each year. Blue Orange uses and replants a variety of trees such as Pine, Birch, and Beech to preserve the integrity and biodiversity of the environment.

Carbon Offset
In 2011 Blue Orange began an ongoing partnership with Pur Projet to offset it's carbon footprint. This project provides native trees for the reforestation on small producers’ cocoa plantations in Amazonia. Trees are planted following agroforestry systems improving the yield of cocoa trees while preserving soil and water quality. Through these efforts, 1,500 farmers cultivating Fair Trade and Organic certified cocoa will increase and diversify their earnings, protecting lands and biodiversity. As of March 2012, Blue Orange Games had offset 96 tons of CO2 while participating in the sustainable development of rural communities.

 Founders Julien Mayot & Thierry Denoual in the park where trees are planted in China

Green Materials
Minimizing the use of plastics and utilizing recycled and recyclable cardboard in their packaging Blue Orange Games continues to innovate to ensure minimal ecological impact.

Durability and timeless designs allow their games to be passed down and “recycled” through families for generations. Check out some of our favorite Blue Orange Games here.


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