Happy Arbor Day!

Happy Arbor Day!


We couldn't think of a better day to announce our continued support of one of our favorite Baltimore non-profits, the Friends of Patterson Park. Throughout the years this organization has planted over 800 trees while tending to many more.

One of the joys of small business ownership is the opportunity to get involved in local issues that directly impact our community.

The Friends of Patterson Park is a non-profit membership organization founded over a decade ago with the mission to promote, protect and advocate for neighborhood green space.

As Baltimore City residents, our family shares the desire to continually improve our community. Supporting non-profits that are committed to enhancing the livability and quality of life of area residents is at the core of our business model. When you support aMuse Toys you are embracing our commitment to serve our community. 

We hope that the donation we have pledged to support the work of the Friends of Patterson Park inspires others to get involved in their communities.

For information on volunteering with the Friends of Patterson Park click here; to sign up for their newsletter click here.


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