Game University: Screwball Scramble

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 Screwball Scramble by Tomy


We are pretty sure a version of Screwball Scramble by Tomy has been around in one form or another for a few decades. In a race against the clock, players try to navigate a metal marble through a series of challenging obstacles. Just getting past the first bridge can be a huge hurdle for even the most adept players. If you manage to conquer that task, several more await!

Screwball Scramble by Tomy

Fun to play alone, or compete against others to see who can get the lowest time, Screwball Scramble will test the limits of your hand-eye coordination. Looking like a cross between the game Mousetrap and a Rube Goldberg contraption, the game board features 7 tests of dexterity, skill and patience.

Screwball Scramble appeals to all ages (even adults in the store find themselves sliding the kids out of the way to try their hand). Fun for ages 5 to 105, make sure the parents give the kids a chance to play too!

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