Game University: Word Teasers - American Heros & Legends

Game University: Word Teasers - American Heros & Legends

Word Teasers is a fun, easy and entertaining way to get conversations going as
well as improve vocabulary skills. In honor of Independence Day we are featuring
the American Heroes and Legends series. Other in stock series include World
Geography, Funny Sayings, Small Fry and Junior.


The little red, white, and blue box includes 150 conversation starters based on
inspirational and motivational quotes from famous Americans.


Each double sided card features a famous quote and conversation starter on
the front. The reverse of each card lists facts on the quoted author and the
definition of a vocabulary word relevant to the theme.


Play can be adapted for all ages but is suggested for 8 to adult. The Word
Teasers series provides countless hours of engaging, educational and
thought provoking fun.

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