DIY with Alex Toys: Sticker Factory

DIY with Alex Toys: Sticker Factory

The kits highlighted in our new series, DIY with Alex Toys, inspire creativity and personal expression while building lifelong skills with practical applications. 


Stickers are a childhood staple and kids of all ages LOVE the ability to customize thier stuff. The Alex Toys Sticker Factory allows kids to make stickers using their own drawings, stencils & magazine clippings, making the design possibilities endless.


Also works as fantastic tool for polishing fine motors skills while creating fun, unique stickers. Who said motor skill refinement had to be boring?

The Sticker Factory Kit includes everything a little artist needs; an 8.5” x 11” sheet of stickers, 1 roll of sticker paper (10 feet), 1 roll of sticker film (10 feet), 1 stencil, burnishing tool, and a pencil.


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