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Oftentimes, the simpler the concept, the more engaging the game. This is true of Sweet Treats by Beleduc, one of our favorites at aMuse. I first learned of Sweet Treats from other local moms whose preschools had it on their recommended list of games. It’s a color recognition game that you can learn to play in a matter of seconds, but that's challenging enough even for adults to enjoy. The color combinations and patterns on the pieces are very complex and become chaotic when placed next to each other. Your brain must learn to recognize information, categorize similarities and dissect subtleties all under the pressure of an unknown time constraint. It’s a challenging task for any age player.

The game includes 41 colorful wooden sweets, 3 dice and one circular blue cloth. As with all good games, Sweet Treats offers three different play variations. To set up the game, randomly spread the treats on the blue fabric with the colored sides facing up. To make it easier give the pieces room to breathe, and to make it more difficult, have the pieces overlap one another. Decide who will go first and hand them the dice.

In the first variation, players choose the number of sweets one needs to collect to win the game; i.e. the first one to collect five candies wins. Each candy has a different color combination, with up to three different colors on each piece. The first player rolls all three dice to begin the round. All players look at the rolled colors and simultaneously seek the candy that matches. When a player has found the matching piece, they show it to the others to verify it’s a match. If it’s correct, they add it to their candy pile. Players collect candies until someone earns the predetermined number of pieces to win.

The second variation is similar to the first except an adult player keeps score. When a player finds the correct sweet they point to it instead of adding it to their candy pile. A time limit is set to the game, i.e. ten minutes, and the person who scores the most points in ten minutes wins. This variation is especially good when playing with a lot of players.

The third variation begins by distributing the candy evenly among the players. The object of the game is to discard your candy onto the blue cloth by matching your pieces to the color combinations rolled on the dice. The first player to discard all of their pieces wins!

Sweet Treats is perfect for one to eight players ages four and up.

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