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Scrambled States of America Map

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Quick! What's the capital of New Hampshire? Now, name a state whose capital has four or more syllables. What state has ten or more letters? If you, like me, can always use a bit of geography practice, then Scrambled States of America from Gamewright games is an absolute must.

Scrambled States of America Game is based on the award-winning book of the same title by Michigan-based author/illustrator, Laurie Keller. It’s a whimsically-illustrated and funny way to learn about all fifty US states.

Scrambled States of America Game by Laurie Keller

Each game includes four US maps, a deck of state cards and a deck of scramble cards. To begin, shuffle each deck of cards separately and place them in the middle of the playing area. Then deal five state cards face up in a line in front of each player. Take a moment to read your state cards and become familiar with where they lie on the US map.

Scrambled States of America Game by Laurie Keller

Scrambled States of America Game

When everyone is ready, the first player takes the top card of the scramble deck and places it face-up and reads it aloud. There are two types of cards in the scramble deck, Find-It and “Go the Distance!”

The Find-It cards have different questions relating to the states. They range from simple color matching to the complexity of finding a hidden words. Some cards include grammar terms such as syllables, vowels and consonants, which sneaks in a little reading practice while at play.

Scrambled States of America Game

The first player to identify the answer to the question with one of the states in their line, slaps the state card and shouts their answer. If the answer is correct, the player earns that state card as a point and places it in their home pile. The home pile is where each player keeps the cards they've earned from winning a round.

Scrambled States of America Game

If a Go the Distance! card is drawn, flip the top card of the state deck over and find the state in your line that is closest. Pull it forward in your pile so the other players can see. The player whose state is the closest wins. The winner gets both state cards as points. When the state card pile is depleted, the person with the most states in their home pile wins.

Scrambled States of America Game is typically recommended for players ages 8 and up. However, early readers and younger players can join in too. Just modify the rules to eliminate the race aspect, and have each player earn a point for correct answers they have in their state line.

Scrambled States of America Book by Laurie Keller

Scrambled States of America Puzzle & Book

Have more geography fun with the Scrambled States of America 150-piece puzzle and book set. The game, book & puzzle make the perfect combination for any budding geographer or curious kid in your life. As with many of Gamewright products, all items in the Scrambled States of America set are made in the USA.

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