Perfect Pairing: Magnet Lovers

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For kids, magnets are like magic. An unseen force repelling and attracting.  The wonder and amazement they produce in children (and adults) gives way to hours of engaging playtime.

Jishaku is one of our top selling games at aMuse.  It was discovered by aMuse Jr. Sales Associate Sebastian Towles at the NYIGF a few years ago. It combines strategy, dexterity and luck into one fun and portable game. To learn how to play check out our Game University series.


Crazy Aaron’s Magnetic Thinking Putty is an updated take on the putty that we all had when we were kids.  

 Crazy Aaron’s Magnetic Thinking Putty has unique and mind-blowing awesome magnetic properties.  When Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is stretched, molded, or shaped, the putty has no magnetic charge and behaves like any other Thinking Putty. However, in the presence of a magnetic field, its magnetic forces begin to align. Suddenly, a truly Super Magnetic Thinking Putty is created that attracts to one magnetic pole and repels from the other.

Each metal tin is hand packed with 1/5 lb of Thinking Putty and one neodymium magnet, much more than in a plastic egg.  You can get the putty in either Silver or Black. Made in USA!

Jishaku and Magnetic Thinking Putty have been top sellers for all age groups and make the perfect give for those with inquisitive minds and nimble fingers.


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