New Toy Alert: Nanoblocks

New Toy Alert: Nanoblocks

Who says smart play is just for kids? nanoblocks are Japanese construction sets new to the USA. Each set contains dozens of micro-sized building blocks that can be used to make animals and architectural buildings from around the world. 

From the Taj Mahal in India, to La Segrada Familia in Barcelona, there are plenty of destinations to explore.  We love it when you can sneak in geography and history without making it "boring".  Kids are naturally curious and you'll be surprised how quickly they develop an interest in where these structures are located, leading to countless conversations about culture, architecture and world geography.

We like to tell customers nanoblocks are like bonsai LegosTM.  Much like the well-known brick building sets, nanoblocks provide hours of entertainment and plenty of opportunities to refine those motor skills while building finger dexterity.


Building these sets is only half the fun.  Who wouldn’t love a collection of these miniature animals?  They make the perfect add on to any birthday gift and are the right size to stuff those stockings this holiday season.

The Space Shuttle replica will be available by November with many more new nanoblock designs are arriving weekly at aMuse.  You can also preorder by sending us an email!

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