Top 5 Reasons to Shop aMuse Toys

Top 5 Reasons to Shop aMuse Toys


1. Toys for kids - not made by kids.

At aMuse, we believe in supporting responsible manufacturing practices. We choose to carry companies that pay fair wages, have healthy work environments and are committed to maintaning a higher standard of business ethics. 

Check out some of our favorite companies' manufacturing practices and policies...

Tegu, Camden Rose, Käthe Kruse, HABA, Green Toys,  Maple Landmark

2. Clean up is optional.

Surround your children and yourself with beautiful playthings, and you won't see their toys as clutter. Choosing open-ended toys with a lot of play value cuts down on the need for excessive amounts of 'stuff'. We’re here to help you find the toys you’ll treasure and be pleased to see in your space.

3. We won’t tell you what - we’ll tell you why.

It’s not about trends at aMuse - it’s about quality and play value. Sure, we could just buy the “fastest sellers” in the mass market and just point you to them, but we choose to go beyond that. We’ll help you make an informed decision by offering you information we gather about the products in the store. That way, you can decide - not the toy advertisers - what your child should be playing with.

4. Timeless Toys

We don’t do Elmo or Thomas. Children quickly grow in and out of phases with their favorite TV characters. At aMuse, we strive for longevity. We believe that toy purchases should be considered a fun investment in your child’s developmental growth. The characters that they love when they’re four might not be the same characters they love when they’re nine.

5. Free Gift Wrapping

Need we say more? Didn’t think so.


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