Extraordinary Gifts: Playme Pat Bells

Posted by aMuse Toys on November 18, 2011 0 Comments

Beautiful, purposeful, play --a trio of words you will hear from every aMuse team member.  When it comes to aesthetics, some would say we are hyper aware of the design and quality of materials used in creating the toys we carry.

Pat Bells are a perfect blend of form and function.  Their beautiful design and ease of play makes the art of music making so simple. Children intuitively tap down on the bells following the color coded charts to learn new songs. No striking with a mallet, no handle to hold on, simply tap on the wooden knobs for enchanting tones.

Children play by following the color-coded songs or create their own music. The joyful play experience promotes eye-hand coordination and self-esteem, and fosters musical creativity.

Each iron bell is mounted in a high-quality beech wood stand with a tapping knob on top.

Included in each elegantly designed storage/carrying case are 8 color-coded bells (representing 8 notes in major scale) and 4 large double-sided song cards. An optional display case which encloses the the bells in a straight line is also available at both locations.

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