Game University: Little Thunder Witch

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HABA Little Thunder Witch


HABA Little Thunder WitchRegardless of age, everyone needs to exercise their short-term memory. Little Thunder Witch by HABA is a unique and dynamic twist on a classic memory matching card game.

HABA Little Thunder Witch

To begin, arrange the cards and game pieces as shown above. Each player gets a witch and the deck of cards of the corresponding color.

HABA Little Thunder Witch

Shuffle the cards and place them face-down in a row in front of you. Each player then places their witches on the house to start their journey to Thunder Mountain.

HABA Little Thunder Witch

Hand the die to the youngest player to roll. On the die you have 5 black magic symbols and one purple thunder cloud. There is one card in each player’s deck that corresponds with each black magic symbol on the die. The purple thunder cloud makes the game more interesting when it’s rolled.

If the player rolls a black magic symbol try to find the match among the cards of the other players. You may pick one card from each player's row of cards to turn over. If you found one or more matches you may move your witch forward that many clouds toward Thunder Mountain. If you found no matches, make a mental note of the cards you turned over to remember for next round, and hand the die to the next player.

HABA Little Thunder Witch

All cards get turned face-down to begin the next round. When a player rolls the purple thunder cloud, they must take the card on the far left of their line and shift it over to the far right as shown in the diagram above. This scrambles the mental image in the other players' heads so they must likewise shift their memory to account for the change. That's generally the point of the game where my head starts to spin, but I get determined to remember what symbol is where. It's a really nice added challenge, which in my opinion, makes Little Thunder Witch one of the best short-term memory games available. After the cards have been shifted, the player who rolled the thunder cloud may re-roll the die. 

The first player to reach Thunder Mountain wins the game! As with all of HABA's games, there are different play variations to accomodate for all skill levels and number of players.  

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