Perfect Pairings: Princess Lovers

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Sleepy Princess and the Pea by HABA

There’s nothing we love more than making fun and unique gift suggestions for the loved ones in your life. For the next few weeks we will focus on items the compliment one another to make a perfect toy pairing. This week we’re focusing on our princess-loving customers.

Sleepy Princess by HABA

Sleepy Princess & the Pea by HABA is a beautiful stacking and motor skill refinement game. As with all of HABA’s games, you can alter the rules to make it simple or complex to meet the skill level of the players. The adorable game pieces are also great for creating narratives through solitary pretend play. 

Players take turns stacking mattresses on top of the pea until all pieces are balanced into a wobbling mattress tower. Each player rolls the die and has the princess hop around the disk to determine whether they may place a mattress or remove one. The rules can be changed to make it cooperative or competitive.

Melissa & Doug Princess Role Play Set

Every child loves to pretend play and costumes help their imaginations soar. Melissa & Doug’s line of high-quality role play costumes include a pink princess outfit that’s great for perfect for ages 3 - 6. It includes a scepter and jeweled tiara.

Princess lovers will love to play Sleepy Princess & the Pea while dressed up in full regalia!

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