New Toy Alert: Magnetic Comic Strip Kit

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Magnetic Comic Strip Kit

The MU Microcosmic Universe LogoWe spoke with Janny Baek, one of the co-founders of Microcosmic Universe (The MU), the makers of Magnetic Comic Strip Kits.

Husband and wife team, Janny Baek and Thomas McMahon wanted to give the world to their children, so they created one. The Microcosmic Universe began as a space-themed mobile they hand crafted for their baby, and it took off from there. 

Magnetic Comic Strip Kit

We made a space-themed mobile for our daughter before she was born," stated Janny. "And that’s how the characters started. It evolved from there, and we just kept evolving it. We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if these characters were exploring our world but from a different perspective?”

After their baby girl was born, they were naturally drawn to making more things for her; they wanted toys for her universe. Janny’s art background from Rhode Island School of Design allowed her to create all of the unique drawings. And, Janny and Thomas met while studying at Harvard School of Architecture, so building is in their nature.

Magnetic Comic Strip Kit

“Wanted to make something based on storytelling because the whole universe is about discovery and building stuff. All of the characters are engineers and explorers,” explains Janny. “It just made sense that we make a comic strip kit because Tom is obsessed with comic books, and I used to be a sculptor at MTV Animation.” Both their interest and skills are perfectly matched to make this one-of-a-kind comic strip kit. 

Magnetic Comic Strip Kit

Each kit contains six magnetic write-on/wipe-off background panels to draw your own scenes, one magnetic dry erase marker, two magnetic write-on/wipe-off speech balloons and over twenty flexible action-packed magnetics with special effects, brave explorers and cool vehicles. It has everything you need to make your own epic tales of The Microcosmic Universe on your refrigerator.

The MU is bringing their Magnetic Comic Strip Kit's production to the USA just in time for the holidays. "All of the new stuff is made in NYC where we live. Having it made in the USA allows us to have more control over all steps in its production," says Janny. "We believe in making nice things for kids."

The MU's Magnetic Comic Strip Kit is now available at both aMuse Toys locations or at aMuse Toys Online for any ultra-creative person in your life. 

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