Gift Guide for Babies

Gift Guide for Babies

Manhattan Toy Skwish Mobile

This colorful wooden mobile engages baby's eyes and brightens up any nursery. Its design is crafted after Manhattan Toy's modern-day classic toy called Skwish. Babies love its atomic-looking structure with brightly colored spheres and rods.

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GBaby Magnets

These chunky oversized magnetic pieces by GBaby are great for developing early motor skills. Babies learn to grasp the shapes as they put them together and pull them apart. The character covers allow for narrative play as the child grows older, and they double as a bath toy. 

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ALEX Toys My Busy Town

This wooden activity center, My Busy Town by ALEX Toys, is perfect for early learning. Babies sit or stand next to the box to open doors, navigate mazes and spin an abacus. Each side is adorned with something engaging and educational. Oh, and it looks great in a playroom!


These "clean keys" for babies known as Kleynimals were developed by a Maryland mother. They look and feel just like real keys to distract babies from grabbing yours. They feature rounded edges, playful characters and are made from dishwasher-safe, food-grade stainless steel. 

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Twilight Turtle

Twilight Turtles by Cloud B project the constellations of the night sky onto a child's ceiling. It's a soothing night light and a learning activity in one. When children are younger, you can adjust the color of the light to whatever the child finds most soothing, and when they're older it is a lesson in Astronomy. It is a modern-day classic, and a must-have for any nursery.

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Sophie the Giraffe

This classic French teething toy, Sophie the Giraffe, has been delighting babies worldwide for over fifty years. She is made in France from a natural rubber and is painted with food-quality dyes. They love her unique shape to teethe hard-to-reach back molars.  

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Kathe Kruse

Kathe Kruse products have been handmade in Europe for over one hundred years. Each piece is artfully crafted by skilled seamstresses and are specially designed to be soft, safe and sanitary. Kathe Kruse baby products are machine washable.   

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HABA Discoverer's Meadow Play Mat

This soft tummy mat is perfect for early play. Babies explore the meadow by feeling different textures, gazing at different colors and patterns and playing with the different animals. Its sophistocated design keeps it relevant as a play environment for older children as well. 

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IQ Baby Knock Knock Blocks

The beautiful soft blocks Knock Knock Blocks by IQ Baby are purposefully designed with high contrast patterns and brightly colored images to engage baby's visual senses. Each piece features differently textured fabrics, interactive doors and windows to explore. Great for early stacking to encourage gross motor development. 

HABA Wooden Clutching & Teething Toys 

HABA's clutching and teething toys are made of solid beech wood and colored with vegetable-based water dyes. They are buffed to a nice sheen, so no chemicals are used in giving the wood its beautiful finish. All of HABA's wooden products are responsibly manufactured in Germany.


  • his attention span has not grown yet. just give him time. and if he likes ceartin cartoons buy things that have that character on it. when you buy a item you should also show him several times how it works and play with him or her. When my son was small his most favorite toy was a plastic car that he could take apart and put back together. the cheapest toy out of all i had bought. Cost me one dollar at walmart. I showed him how he could roll it into the wall and that was all it took. just take him to toy store also and see what catches his attention.

    Siddu on

  • Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good iniotmarfon.

    Cheyanne on

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