Friday Fun Feature: Sarahs Silks

Friday Fun Feature: Sarahs Silks

Imaginative play at its most beautiful. Just a square or two of silk and your little ones can make princess dresses, genie pants, or knight’s armor; create backgrounds for their dolls’ adventures; wrap up their babies for a snuggly good night.

Created by Sarah Lee and her husband Mike, Sarah’s Silks is a family owned and operated business in Sonoma County, California. They chose to keep the production of chinese silk in China and so all of Sarah’s Silks are made of 100% silk that’s been woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed by local seamstresses in a small village near Suzhou, a city long known for its silk culture.
Silk is a natural fiber and a renewable resource and the dye used is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Perfectly green for your child and the environment.

Sarah’s Silks are the staples in your dress-up box; empowering your child’s unlimited imaginations with the color, movement and soft feel they love.
For all your kings and queens. Your astronauts and wilderness explorers. Sarah’s Silks makes the cloth, it’s up to you to make the story. What story will your little ones create?


  • I have to say Ann, you do some really inicderble videos! Such quality work, you look fabulous and enunciate your words so well. Another wonderful video! Thanks so much for doing these I refer many of my sewing students to these often.xoxo, Sunni

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