Friday Fun Feature: The MU

Friday Fun Feature: The MU

Postcards from the Insect World: A to Z

Fresh from the printers in New York, Postcards from the Insect World A to Z from The MU are twenty-six cards full of color, story, friendship, and scientific fun!

We love The MU and their Magnetic Comic Strips, so we were thrilled to discover their latest creation at the 2012 New York Gift Fair. These sturdy cards are made in the U.S. and their high quality semi-gloss print has a soy ink base.

The postcards are perfect as alphabet learning cards, starting points for conversations about nature, or even items to find in a backyard scavenger hunt.

There are so many fun ways to read the cards! You can read them in alphabetical order like any great ABC book. Read them in chronological order and follow the travelling friends as they relate their discoveries of anatomies, life cycles, and behaviors of nature’s tiniest creatures.

Flutter with the butterflies, hop with the grasshoppers, crawl with the caterpillars and dig deeper into what nature and science have to offer: Exploration, discovery and fun!

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