Game University: Grand Prix Weekend

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In honor of the Grand Prix this weekend, we thought we would get into the racing spirit with not one, but two racing themed games from HABA. Whether you are car enthusiasts or not,
these colorful and detailed games will amuse your entire family and have your kids cheering the whole night!

It may be named after the city that hosts Italy’s own Grand Prix but you don’t have to be a professional behind the wheel to enjoy this game. With a bit of luck and a bit of strategy, you can send your race car straight to the finish line and claim the trophy!
Players take turns advancing their cars along the three-lane colorful race track. In order to advance, each player rolls the six colored dice and moves his car to any corresponding colored square.Depending on the combination, a player may be able to move his car ahead six squares in just one turn!
But, players can only move to an adjacent square and never backwards! That means if the player doesn’t roll a color that’s needed, she’ll have to wait until her next turn. This clever and speedy game is great for 2 to 6 players and all ages 5 and up.
Hit the Throttle
HABA’s “zippy circuit competition” is full of fun for the whole family. To start, each player draws an assignment card showing two cars. In order to win, players try to be the first to drive their assigned cars over the finish line. Three colored dice are rolled and the corresponding cars are moved along the racetrack.
But, watch out! Players are allowed to move any of the six cars during their turns and no one knows which cars their opponents are actually trying to race to the finish.
2 to 5 players, ages 4 and up can enjoy this game of suspense and luck.
Happy racing!

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