Game University: Turncoat from University Games

Game University: Turncoat from University Games

As simple to learn as Checkers, this latest 2 player game from University Games engages both the casual player and the board game enthusiast.

Be the first to make four in a row of your color (red or white) as you move your pieces either straight or diagonally across the board.

But, the trick is in the magnets. Each piece is actually a magnet with one red and one white side. There are magnets underneath the game board as well. This means, you may start your turn with a white piece but after landing in a new spot on the board, the piece could flip over to the red side. It all depends on the attraction with that hidden magnet.

A game of memory and strategy, Turncoat allows for new plays each time as those magnets below the game board can be put in different spots before each new round.

Enjoy this game that combines the strategy and fun of Checkers and Connect Four with the surprising behavior of magnets! Stop by one of our two Baltimore area locations to play.

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