Friday Fun Feature: Wall Coaster

Friday Fun Feature: Wall Coaster

Wall Coasters are the newest addition to the aMuse building section. This is not your average marble run. With over 13 feet of track material included in the Starter Set, it’s possible to build any design. From the concept to the creation, each track will be a unique and exciting way for your child to learn about the principles of gravity and how mass affects speed.

It all started with a twelve-year-old boy’s desire to turn his basement wall into an extreme marble run. After weeks of experimenting and several trips to the hardware store, the Wall Coaster was born. We love that the same trial and error used in the development of the product along with an understanding of cause and effect carries over to every child that sets up their own track!

The setup is simple. Using the materials provided, affix coaster putty to the back of each piece of track or tube and let your imagination roll (no pun intended)! Don’t worry parents, the putty won’t ruin the paint on your walls! This reusable poster putty is teacher approved.

You can build larger and more complex marble runs with the Wall Coaster Extreme Stunt Kit that incorporates circles and zigzags into the mix.

In a commendable effort to minimize environmental impact, over 90% of the product and packaging is made from recycled materials. Wall coaster track is designed with lightweight ABS plastic that is incredibly durable and impact resistant. And get this-it’s made in the USA!

Build them high. Build them low. On your bedroom wall or the back of a door. Any track creation that you dream up can be a reality, you are limited only by your imagination [and wall space]!

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