Friday Fun Feature: Wheely Bugs!

Friday Fun Feature: Wheely Bugs!

Wheely Bugs  are fun, durable and beautiful ride-on toys. The padded body of this adorable ride-on toy is made from a tough polyurethane leather-like material. The handle, which is also padded, is made of rust-proof aluminum. Parents will appreciate the easy clean up.

They have interactive antennae, ears, horns (depending on the creature) which are all sturdy enough to resist curious hands trying to pull them off!

The multi-directional wheels work best on flat, even surfaces like wood, linoleum and tile. Little ones at the verge of walking and those past toddler age will work their gross motor skills as they propel themselves forward, backward, and round and round.

But seriously, how cute would one of these guys look in the corner of the play room? Available at both locations in two sizes and perfect for ages one to five. 

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