Friday Fun Feature: 4M Kidz Labs

Friday Fun Feature: 4M Kidz Labs

Ever heard your child ask "Why?" Of course you have! Natural curiosity and a desire to understand the differnet reasons for how things work is a state of childhood that becomes more complex as children grow. When it comes to the scientific concepts behind our planet, our gadgets and even our food, 4M can help children discover the answers. 4M's Kidz Labs science kits create "kid friendly" experiments to nurture your child's inquisitive mind.

Kids tend to fully engage in complex concepts when exposed to hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to interact with their surroundings. The Potato Clock Kit allows children to create their own electrochemical battery to power a digital clock. This kit places emphasis on the transfer of chemical energy into electrical energy. How cool is that?

Kids faces will light up as they explore stars in their own bedrooms. In the Night Sky Kit children can assemble a cardboard star projector and gaze at the constellations on the walls and ceiling.

These kits are recommended for ages 8 and up. A helpful adult may be required if your child is just under 8.

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