Freaky Friday Fun Feature: Top 5

Freaky Friday Fun Feature: Top 5

Today's Friday Fun Feature is getting freaky, spooky and silly. We think Halloween is just a great day to dress up, play pretend and legally frighten your neighbor's kids. And, it's pretty impressive how imaginative and creative some folks get. To get in the spirit at aMuse, we've put together a list of some of our favorite Halloween-themed items. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Geistes Blitz "Ghost Attack:" Be the first player to grab the correct object that's missing from the picture on the card. But, don't get tricked! The colors of the images don't always match the colors of the actual object. With a steady eye and a quick hand, you can walk away with the treat!


2. ALEX Face Paint Studio: If you're going as a clown, a glitter-faced fairy or a bloody zombie (eww), this kit has got you covered. When you're done with the paints and sponges, just pack everything away in its designated spot for easy storage until next year.

3. Melissa & Doug Role Play Set (Ages 3 to 6): Each set has a multitude of items to add detail and great play to your child's costume. How about a Fire Chief with her own badge and fire helmet or a veterinarian with his own stethoscope and puppy to bandage? Best of all, after Halloween, you can add the costume and accessories to the dress-up trunk for years to come of pretend play.

4. Glisten Up! Brush On Glitter Tattoos: From nPw, these easy to apply tattoos add that extra "oooh" to your Halloween night. There is orange and black glitter to make that snake crawling up your arm or that spider hanging off your shoulder really pop. Your kids are gonna freak (in a good way)!

5. Spot It! Halloween: Blue Orange has joined in the spirit and made a spook-tacular edition of everyone's favorite party game, Spot It! The play is the same but now you have to keep an eye out for brains, coffins, magic potions and more. Sure to entertain kids and adults alike at your Halloween party.

We hope we've given you some hair-raising ideas for this year's Halloween. Whether you like your night to be creepy or silly, these items are sure to make it fun!


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