Moments in Childhood: Santa's Little Helper

Posted by Allison Humphries on December 24, 2012 2 Comments

Photo Credit:  Packer Family

We only get one shot at childhood. As parents, we hope to be mindful of the many beautiful moments we find along the way. Every Monday, we will honor one of these moments in our series, Moments in Childhood. If you have a Moment in Childhood you would like to share, please email us at!

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Posted by Fayssal on January 09, 2015

If you have the outside room, a sbdanox would be great. My daughter was three when she first got her’s. She just turned 5, and one of her presents was a digger thing that we got at Northern Equipment that is kind of like a backhoe, and filled her sbdanox up with new sand. She got a lot of other really nice presents, but that was her favorite. He would probably like something like that.

Posted by Birdie on January 08, 2015

Wow! Talk about a posting knocnikg my socks off!

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