Play Matters: Sensory Play with HABA

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From birth and far into youth, children learn about their surroundings through sensory play. The ability to understand and express how something feels, tastes, and looks is both key to proper social development and a strong foundation for more complex cognitive abilities later on.

This is why we love Feeling & Touching from the "My Very First Games" series by HABA.

It is a game to stimulate the senses and encourage your little ones to talk about what they see and feel. Feeling & Touching doesn't have rules that need to be followed. Instead, HABA gives parents guidelines and suggestions for play.

The game contains pairs of wooden food items, like a slice of a cheese and a green bean, big enough for kids to grab and study. There is also a soft sheep pouch who opens up to "eat" the food. One play variation is to lay all the food items in front of the child and then have them describe what they see. Are there any items that are the same in shape or color? Ask them to put all the pairs together.

Another way to play would be to hide a piece of food in the sheep and ask your child to identify which item was "eaten." There are clover-shaped tokens that can be used to reward your child. For example, if they can correctly identify what the sheep ate, or if they can describe 3 things about that slice of cheese (whether it's something they see or feel), then they get a token.

The open-ended guidelines allow for creativity from the parent and open exploration from the child. The tokens are a positive reinforcement for participating in the discussion.

If you would like to hear more about the game or play a round with us, please visit aMuse at either location.

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