Friday Fun Feature: Duct Tape!

Friday Fun Feature: Duct Tape!


Brighten up those winter days by adding some HOT and COOL colors to backpacks, shoes, or whatever! Duct Tape Fashion from ALEX gives your kids the materials to create something new or personalize what they already have. How about adding orange and green stripes to those gym shoes or decorating school binders with zebra stripes and leopard prints. It's a lot of fun without a lot of mess.

It's not just for big kids, either. Does your little one want a crown and necklace or a super special superhero cape? Why not work together to create a pattern for the crown and then cover it in his choice of duct tape. Or, personalize her crime fighting outfit by adding her initials to the cape.

We're totally amazed by what young minds can come up with when just given the materials. Each pack of Duct Tape Fashion comes with six rolls of varying widths and colors. What can your kids do with just a roll or two? It might be fun to find out.


Have you or your kids already experimented with duct tape? Share your creation with us on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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