Celebrate National Handwriting Day!

Posted by Claudia Towles on January 23, 2013 0 Comments


Penmanship: a lost art or victim of new technology? 

Whatever the case, beautiful script has a place in child development. Studies have frequently linked good penmanship with school success. Sure, you may be thinking of a particular profession that is often stereotyped (I'm talking about you Dr. Chicken Scratch) as having illegible handwriting. Nonetheless we can all agree that a beautifully hand written note is something to cherish.

We love Kid-O's MAGNAtab collection. With two cursive tabs [pictured above] tackle upper case and lower case letters with ease. Kids (sure adults can play too) love the reactivity of the magnets as the pen swipes over them. The pull of the magnets reinforces proper form while exercising tiny muscles that aid in fine motor refinement.

You can snatch these up with free shipping on all orders of $25 or more. Enter code WRITE at checkout. They make a great indoor activity on these very chilly January days!

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