Friday Fun Feature: Air Pens

Posted by Leila Warshaw on February 15, 2013 0 Comments

So, what do you give your son or daughter when they ask for something a bit more advanced than paint or crayons?


Check out the Air Pen by npw. By blowing through the tube, your child can create airbrush style pictures just on a plain piece of paper. There are stencils included, but she can get creative all on her own, too!

Look at this example below and just try NOT to say, "Oh, that's so cool!"


Don't worry, parents. It's not as messy as it may sound. Like at the beginning of any arts and crafts project, just lay down some newspaper on the work surface. Or, if you get lucky with a beautiful day, make it an outdoor project.

And who knows? You may be presented with something totally worth framing!

If you're curious to find out more about the arts and crafts we carry, visit us on Facebook, go to our website, or stop by our Fells Point or Quarry Lake location. Then, #GetYourCraftOn.

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