Friday Fun Feature: Make-Your-Own Valentines

Friday Fun Feature: Make-Your-Own Valentines





This Make-Your-Own Valentines kit, from the award winning company Made By Hands, is perfect for those of you who want to choose your own words and pictures to express how much you love (or like) someone. The kit contains 10 blank cards and envelopes, 1 glue stick, and over 250 pop-out shapes in different colors. These shapes are more than just your standard pink hearts. They range from easy-to-recognize to the more abstract. The idea is that you can use the shape to create whatever picture you want.

The company started when two friends and mothers wanted arts and crafts kits that would encourage their children's creativity, not stifle it. In the past, they could only find kits with limited supplies, limited fun. And, in the end, they knew that it wasn't really about the result, it was about the process. This kit actively engages your child's imagination and attention. And how wonderful is it when your little one shows pride in being able to do something or make something on his own? Made By Hands understands how special that is and strives to provide arts and crafts kits that encourages little hands to make big ideas.


And, here's something that will make this Valentine's Day craft even more special: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Make-Your-Own Valentines kit goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a leader in fighting Type 1 Diabetes.





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