Friday Fun Feature: SNOWTIME Anytime!

Friday Fun Feature: SNOWTIME Anytime!


We may not be getting snow this winter, but that doesn't mean we have to completely miss out on all the fun.


SNOWTIME Anytime! is an awesome indoor/outdoor toy that brings all the good times and laughter of snowball fights without all the pain. (Some of those snowballs can sting!)

Here are some great ways to use the SNOWTIME Anytime Snowballs:

*Have a good ol' fashion snowball fight. Duck and cover behind your bed, couch, or blanket fort.

*Place one snowball on the toe of your shoe and race opponents across the room (or yard) while keeping the snowball balanced. Make it a relay race and see if you can pass the snowball off to your teammate without letting it roll off!

*Learn to juggle.

*Have a snowball tossing contest. Toss the snowball back and forth with a partner. After every other toss, take a large step back. Any team that drops the ball is out. Last team standing wins!

*And, many more! Ideas are included in the bag that also doubles as a storage container.

We're not ashamed to admit that a few (friendly) snowball fights have already broken out among the aMuse team. If you want to try out a few throws, visit us at our Quarry Lake and Fells Point locations and be ready to #GetYourToyOn!

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