Friday Fun Feature: Paper Crafts with Hartia Toys

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Paper crafting is an art form that uses paper or card stock to create 3Dimensional pieces. The paper can be folded, cut, glued, layered, and even stitched together for the desired look. Some common examples of paper crafts are Origami, which is the art of folding, and Kirigami, which makes use of both folding and cutting to create symmetrical designs and patterns.

Hartia Toys, the French-Canadian company based in Montreal celebrates the art of paper crafting with their delightful kits called Couplicoles. Couplicoles is a combination of the french words for cut, fold, and paste: couper, plier, and coller. Each kit from Hartia Toys contains up to a dozen crafts to be made into 3D animals and people by cutting, folding and gluing.


Paper crafting promotes patience, attention to detail, and a well earned sense of accomplishment. And it works on those fine motor skills, too!

Visual instructions are provided with each set, and videos are available from the company online, but the basic way to craft with paper is as follows:

1. Start by cutting along the solid black line. This will be the outline of the shape. Be sure not to cut out any of the white tabs! They'll be used in just a moment.

2. Fold along the dotted black lines. You'll see the paper start to take shape.

3. Now, time for those tabs! Dab a bit of glue onto the tabs and attach them to their corresponding sides.

4. Hold down and count to 20. (If you have super strong fingers than you may only need to count to 10.) When you feel you've held it long enough for the two sides to stay together, you can let go.

5. Set your paper craft upon the table and marvel at your creation.

Voila! You're becoming a master of the craft already!

This isn't the first time we've expressed our love for Hartia Toys, they are just that awesome. The Couplicoles kits can be introduced to kids as young as 6 years old and are thoroughly enjoyed by older kids and kids-at-heart as well.


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ALEX Promotion: Giant Paper Flowers

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Celebrate Spring with an ALEX Giveaway!

Receive the Giant Paper Flowers in a Vase for free with any $20 ALEX purchase at aMuse*.


Giant Paper Flowers in a Vase is a fun and beautiful activity for kids 5 years and up. The kit includes brightly colored tissue paper to craft over 30 flowers, straws to make the stems, and pipe cleaners and stickers to add the finishing touches. When your little ones are finished, they can present the lovely bouquet as a gift or display it in the plastic vase that comes with the kit.

We're sure this activity will be much loved, so stop by either Fells Point or Quarry Lake to pick one up today.

Encourage those spring flowers to bloom and #ComeGetYourCraftOn!

*While supplies last. Some restrictions may apply.

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Friday Fun Feature: Duct Tape!

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Brighten up those winter days by adding some HOT and COOL colors to backpacks, shoes, or whatever! Duct Tape Fashion from ALEX gives your kids the materials to create something new or personalize what they already have. How about adding orange and green stripes to those gym shoes or decorating school binders with zebra stripes and leopard prints. It's a lot of fun without a lot of mess.

It's not just for big kids, either. Does your little one want a crown and necklace or a super special superhero cape? Why not work together to create a pattern for the crown and then cover it in his choice of duct tape. Or, personalize her crime fighting outfit by adding her initials to the cape.

We're totally amazed by what young minds can come up with when just given the materials. Each pack of Duct Tape Fashion comes with six rolls of varying widths and colors. What can your kids do with just a roll or two? It might be fun to find out.


Have you or your kids already experimented with duct tape? Share your creation with us on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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Family Date Night: eco easter eggstravaganza

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In celebration of all things family we are kicking off our Date Night event series on Friday March 30th with our friends from eco-kids & cool progeny.

Just as we highlight those treasured occasions that can quickly pass us by in our Moments in Childhood blog series, we are looking forward to hosting events where the entire clan can have a good time.

Take a break from the usual pablum and join us on Friday the 30th for a fun filled family night out. Bring the wee [and tween] ones to our first of many Family Date Nights.

Be sure to RSVP here. This is a BYOEE (bring your own eggs event), you supply the eggs, we'll supply the dye, food and fun activities!

Here is a little egg dying inspiration provide by Jack and Ella. from eco kids.

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New Toy Alert: The Great Wave & Sunflowers

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We added Master Kitz to our repertoire of beautiful playthings last year and are thrilled to have received thier most recent kits this month: The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai and Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh.

We simply love the exposure to the art masters that these kits provide with easy-to-understand learning materials. Children (and adults) learn the story behind each masterpiece and why it has a special place in the history of art.


aMuse Toys team member Allison couldn't resist taking one of these kits home for a mom and daughter weekend art project. Check out their final masterpiece!

Have pictures of your Master Kitz creations? Tweet us, tag us on Pinterest, or post to our Facebook wall. We'd love to see them! 

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