Friday Fun Feature: Doodle Vacations!

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With less than a month left in school for some of us (Whaaa?!) it's time to start thinking about summer vacations and how to keep the kids entertained on all the day trips, longer road trips, and plane rides. Just in time, from DuoPress comes the latest in the series of Doodle books: Doodle Washington, D.C. and Beach Doodles.


The Doodle books are more than just coloring pages. They are for anyone who wants to use his or her imagination to create classic, fun and even wacky drawings. Each page has a prompt to spark that creativity.

The pages in Beach Doodles include a place to draw a contest-winning sand castle, a pirate ship and treasure map, and even what you think you'd find in the belly of a whale!

Doodle Washington D.C.'s pages encourage you to draw dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, a crazy airplane to hang next to the Spirit of St. Louis in the Air and Space Museum, or even your favorite toy store with all your favorite toys and games (wink, wink)!



These travel-sized books are perfect for that road trip or next vacation; especially if you're flying off to the beach or driving down to the nation's capital for the day. And, we love that they're written by our favorite local author, Puck, the incredible Laura Krauss Melmed, and illustrated by the talented ladies, Violet Lemay and Paige Garrison.


Feel free to check them out in person at either our Fells Point or Quarry Lake location and then #GetYourDoodleOn!

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Moments in Childhood: Photo Booth

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We only get one shot at childhood. As parents, we hope to be mindful of the many beautiful moments we find along the way. Every Monday, we will honor one of these moments in our series, Moments in Childhood. If you have a Moment in Childhood you would like to share, please email us at!

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