Moments in Childhood: In the Daffodils

Posted by aMuse Toys on May 06, 2013 1 Comment

                                               Photo Credit: FitzGerald-Barmonde Family

We only get one shot at childhood. As parents, we hope to be mindful of the many beautiful moments we find along the way. Every Monday, we will honor one of these moments in our series, Moments in Childhood. If you have a Moment in Childhood you would like to share, please email us at!

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From the Archives: Every Kid Needs an EarthBall!

Posted by aMuse Toys on May 18, 2012 0 Comments

Earth Ball

We are SO excited about EarthBalls. They are exactly the kind of toy we love to carry at aMuse. Fun, educational and beautiful to boot.

EarthBalls are the most visually authentic replicas of our planet available anywhere and they are a TON of fun. EarthBalls are a great way to add another dimension of learning to any ball game.

Earth Ball

Another really cool feature is that each EarthBall displays NightGlow Cities, allowing you to see the world's cities glowing brightly at night!

Earth Ball

If you still aren't sold on EarthBalls, in 2009 the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis was launched into orbit with seven astronauts & one inflatable EarthBall onboard! There's nothing like a seal of approval from NASA!

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