Game University: Morphology

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The basic structure of Morphology may sound familiar: a player is assigned a word that only they know and then must figure out how to get their teammate(s) to guess. In Morphology you do not mime clues, you don’t draw on paper, you don’t use other words that are similar.

Can you make a light bulb out of some string and a few cubes? What about scissors with wooden sticks and bands? 
In Morphology, you are given 50 or so pieces of. . .well . . . stuff. . . to convey your word. Among the “stuff” are glass discs, wooden cubes, popsicle sticks, string, rubber bands and more.

You have to build or lay out something with these trinkets that allows your team to guess what the word is before the time runs out.

When you use unconventional tools to create shapes on the word cards you are improving your visual and spatial processing skills. Unlike drawing games where you are limited by your drawing ability, Morphology is a game where Creativity Wins.

This simple yet incredibly clever game challenges you to think outside the box about the structure and form of everyday objects and words.

We've played many rounds at the stores and every time we laugh hysterically. It's amazing to watch the inventive ways people use the trinkets to try and express the word they are given.

The game is slated for Ages 13+, but it is easy to imagine younger players benefiting from the creative aspects of the game. Morphology is a great family game that keeps you thinking and makes you laugh out loud. Stop by either location to play a round (or three) with us!

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