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Its time to get excited! PLAYMOBIL has made its way back to aMuse Toys. Made in Europe, fun, functional and a classic, PLAYMOBIL and aMuse Toys are a perfect match. The developers and designers at PLAYMOBIL adhere to the highest standards in creating quality, imaginative toys that generations can enjoy together, so of course they fit in quite well with other aMuse favorites.

Stop in to check out our assortment. With the PLAYMOBIL 123 series there is something for every age!

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Friday Fun Feature: Perplexus Twist

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The Perplexus Twist is the latest challenge from the creators of Perplexus.

Just like the original Perplexus, the Perplexus Twist challenges kids (and adults) to maneuver a marble through a spherical, multi-layered maze. But the "Twist" is that the kids have the ability to change the actual path of the maze!

Let's say you've reached a cliff or a deadend, just twist the outer knobs and change the path. It's like a moving M.C. Escher drawing!

And, like all the games in the Perplexus family, the Twist is an exercise in hand-eye coordination, dexterity and visual perception for kids.

We welcome the new challenge!

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What We Love: Plus-Plus

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When we saw Plus-Plus from Geared for Imagination at the 2012 New York Gift Fair, our hearts were all a-flutter. We are always excited to find a new twist on a building toy, and Plus-Plus is just that. And the Danish made toy just won a Fat Brain Toy award for Best Building and Construction Toy!

Here's what we love about Plus-Plus:

1. We love its shape. The Danish company's motto is "Simplistic Shape. Endless Possibility!" and that's exactly what we get. We can connect the pieces on all four sides. We can build vertically or horizontally. We can build out and make amazing 3-Dimensional structures.

2. We love its colors. There are two color sets, basic and neon, but don't think you can't mix and match. In fact, don't feel limited by the colors at all. Who says you can't make a car that's purple and orange with neon green headlights?

3. We love its math concepts. Yes, we just used the words "love" and "math" in one sentence, but trust us, you'll love this too. You can introduce pattern making into those designs or just watch as your kids figure out how to connect the pieces to get the angles or structures they want. It's all part of problem solving, but we won't tell them it's math if you don't.




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Roundup: Tegu's Baltimore Block Party & Mobility Line at aMuse

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 This past weekend at aMuse Toys was quite eventful. Not only did we have a great time racing and engineering some pretty cool wheeled creations, we got to hang with the amazing Tegu pit crew! Will Haughey and his team are some of the most passionate, energetic and just plain FUN people to be around.

Everyone at aMuse Toys had a blast.  We thank Tegu for the unique play experience they provided our customers and staff.

Tegu Mobility is truly ingenious.  Tegu had already taken the classic wooden block to a new level by adding magnets and now, with its mobility line, the possibilities for play are endless. The addition of wheels to the fascinating connectivity of Tegu blocks enhances play value for everyone --regardless of age.

We are thrilled to announce that the Tegu Mobility line is available in limited quantities at both aMuse Toys locations! We are the ONLY retailer in the country to offer the first run of these amazing new products. If you are not local, don't worry you can score Tegu Mobility online exclusively at

Don't forget to enter Tegu's HOW DO YOU ROLL? SWEEPSTAKES. One lucky winner will work directly with Tegu Designer, Nate Lau, to design Tegu’s next car, for more info click here.

Thanks to our friends at theWAIREHOUSE for documenting the fun on Sunday in Fells Point!

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New Toy Alert: Playforever MINI & MIDI

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Just in time for the holidays, Playforever has added the new mini and midi race cars to their product line.

Speedy is the new line of minis.  Available in vibrant and contemporary color shades of red, blue, yellow, silver, and gun metal

Each vehicle is about 7 inches in length, making it the perfect race car for little hands, not to mention a great addition to Dad's desk toy collection.

Playforever makes a unique executive gift, a beautiful collector’s item or playful toy that you’ll enjoy seeing in your space.
The midi product line consists of three timeless designs: Bonnie, Buck and Clyde.  These midi race cars have the same design sense and quality as the Playforever Classic line. Each is aporximatley 8 inches in length.

As with the classic Playforever line, each piece includes silently functioning rubber wheels, rounded corners and a minimalistic figure manning the driver’s seat or pilot’s chair.

All of Playforever toys are brilliantly designed in London by Meagher and responsibly manufactured in Great Britain by Hyphen Design. They meet or exceed the highest global safety standards.

Fan aMuse Toys on Facebook or follow aMuse on Twitter to be the first to know when new shipments arrive.  You can also order at aMuse Toys onlinePlayforever makes the perfect gift for any wheel-loving little (or big) one in your life. 

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