Play Matters: yBike Pewi

Posted by aMuse Toys on April 12, 2012 0 Comments

People learn by doing. In our blog series Play Matters we explore the many benefits of play and how purposeful playthings can enhance, and often times aide positive development of gross, fine and cognitive skills at all ages.

With warmer weather on the horizon, this weeks feature, the yBike Pewi is the perfect tool for little ones as young as 9 months to get around just like the big kids. Its clever design allows for it to be used a walker and a ride on toy.

Unlike traditional walkers where the child is typically enveloped within the walker, the Pewi allows kids to stand freely, using it only as an aid, therby enhancing body and space awarenes which are key for balance and motor skill development.

The multi direction caster wheels allow a child to ride and easily control the Pewi in any direction.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor play on smooth surfaces. The non-marking rubber wheels will not damage or mark floors. Comes in 3 colors red, pink and blue.


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New Toy Alert: EDTOY Dinosaurs & Magnamobiles

Posted by aMuse Toys on November 11, 2011 0 Comments

EDTOY products are designed to maximize the balance between creativity, social skills and problem solving abilities within a child. Playing with building toys enhances children's hand-eye coordination while developing finger dexterity.

Whether carnivorous or herbivorous, these dinosaurs are fun to create and move!  Their simple shapes and unique, rotating magnetic technology, allow kids to build a dino figure for a Jurassic adventure-or mix and match multiple dino pieces to create their own prehistoric species.

Magnamobiles are designed for kids to exercise their creativity.  By putting the pieces together and taking them apart kids can create new and inventive vehicles.  MagnaMobiles roll, carry, lift, dig, drop and spin much like the real life machines they are modeled after.


Vehicles have multi-faceted connection points that join together with a unique rotating magnet technology for building and attaching pieces together.  Blocks and pieces also make a clicking sound when joined together or turned. 

With multiple connectors on every piece, kids will have fun creating their own custom vehicles.  What kid doesn't like taking things apart and making their own creations?

While both the Dinosaurs and Magnamobiles are slated for ages 3+, kids beyond that age will naturally create more complex designs.

All MagnaMobiles and Dinosaurs are made from high quality beech wood with a non-toxic finish.

Stop by either aMuse Toys location to see these cool new dinos and vehicles in person. If you are not local email us for information on how to purchase them.

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