What We Love: Plus-Plus

Posted by aMuse Toys on November 29, 2012 0 Comments

When we saw Plus-Plus from Geared for Imagination at the 2012 New York Gift Fair, our hearts were all a-flutter. We are always excited to find a new twist on a building toy, and Plus-Plus is just that. And the Danish made toy just won a Fat Brain Toy award for Best Building and Construction Toy!

Here's what we love about Plus-Plus:

1. We love its shape. The Danish company's motto is "Simplistic Shape. Endless Possibility!" and that's exactly what we get. We can connect the pieces on all four sides. We can build vertically or horizontally. We can build out and make amazing 3-Dimensional structures.

2. We love its colors. There are two color sets, basic and neon, but don't think you can't mix and match. In fact, don't feel limited by the colors at all. Who says you can't make a car that's purple and orange with neon green headlights?

3. We love its math concepts. Yes, we just used the words "love" and "math" in one sentence, but trust us, you'll love this too. You can introduce pattern making into those designs or just watch as your kids figure out how to connect the pieces to get the angles or structures they want. It's all part of problem solving, but we won't tell them it's math if you don't.




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Toy Fair Finds: Green Toys

Posted by aMuse Toys on February 16, 2012 0 Comments

We love Green Toys and always look forward to catching up with them at Toy Fair. Their new offerings include a variety of perfectly crafted little vehicles made from their signature material (recycled plastic from milk jugs).


Hard to believe [not really] but we had a hard time picking just one favorite. The new Green Toys Salad set and Build-A-Bouquet kit make great additions to their award winning line up. The tool set also got a makeover, its now sports a darker color pallet. 

Made in the USA and eco-friendly these new Green Toys products are definitely aMuse Toy Fair 2012 Top Picks. 

You can expect to see the Minis and Salad at both store locations and amusetoys.com by mid-march and the Build-A-Bouquete in early June. Preorder via email at mail@amusetoys.com

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