Play Matters: Learning the Alphabet with Janod

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We have had a great year with Janod! After meeting them at the 2012 New York Toy Fair, they quickly became an aMuse favorite. We knew our customers would love discovering their whimsical wooden toys and puzzles on our shelves. We simply love the playful attitude and attention to detail that this french company gives to its products.

A top choice froim their collection of beautifully illustrated flash cards is Janod's pack of animal alphabet cards. These sturdy cards are great for toddlers developing letter recognition and for preschoolers and kindergarteners building upon important reading skills.

The first side of each card is great for learning letter recognition and making visual associations with a variety of animals. As your little one gets older, he or she can pair the uppercase and lowercase letters together on the second side. The set enhances spelling and reading skills by exposing children to the beginning sounds and full name of each animal.



While the front of each card features letters of the alphabet in their uppercase form along with an illustration of a corresponding animal, the back side depicts the matching uppercase letter as well as the cursive lowercase letter. Below the animal name is written in uppercase and cursive lowercase lettering.


Janod's products encourage kids (and kids-at-heart) to Just Play and we could not agree more!





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Friday Fun Feature: SNOWTIME Anytime!

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We may not be getting snow this winter, but that doesn't mean we have to completely miss out on all the fun.


SNOWTIME Anytime! is an awesome indoor/outdoor toy that brings all the good times and laughter of snowball fights without all the pain. (Some of those snowballs can sting!)

Here are some great ways to use the SNOWTIME Anytime Snowballs:

*Have a good ol' fashion snowball fight. Duck and cover behind your bed, couch, or blanket fort.

*Place one snowball on the toe of your shoe and race opponents across the room (or yard) while keeping the snowball balanced. Make it a relay race and see if you can pass the snowball off to your teammate without letting it roll off!

*Learn to juggle.

*Have a snowball tossing contest. Toss the snowball back and forth with a partner. After every other toss, take a large step back. Any team that drops the ball is out. Last team standing wins!

*And, many more! Ideas are included in the bag that also doubles as a storage container.

We're not ashamed to admit that a few (friendly) snowball fights have already broken out among the aMuse team. If you want to try out a few throws, visit us at our Quarry Lake and Fells Point locations and be ready to #GetYourToyOn!

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Toy Fair Finds: Green Toys

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We love Green Toys and always look forward to catching up with them at Toy Fair. Their new offerings include a variety of perfectly crafted little vehicles made from their signature material (recycled plastic from milk jugs).


Hard to believe [not really] but we had a hard time picking just one favorite. The new Green Toys Salad set and Build-A-Bouquet kit make great additions to their award winning line up. The tool set also got a makeover, its now sports a darker color pallet. 

Made in the USA and eco-friendly these new Green Toys products are definitely aMuse Toy Fair 2012 Top Picks. 

You can expect to see the Minis and Salad at both store locations and by mid-march and the Build-A-Bouquete in early June. Preorder via email at

Keep up with new arrivals via Facebook and Twitter

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Toy Fair Finds: Eco Bonks

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Our mission every year is to find beautiful, purposeful playthings and so far Toy Fair 2012 is proving to deliver on just that.

We simply can't explain how excited we are to add Eco Bonks by Pueri Elemental to our roster of quality playthings. Their beautiful design, eco-conscious beginnings and Made in the USA manufacturing make them an aMuse Toy Fair 2012 Top Pick.

The concept of an earth-friendly and exquisitely designed, inflatable bop-bag was born of a parent's desire to have a durable and attractive alternative to the flimsy and disposable offerings of the past.

The first release will include three adorable characters Abigal (elephant), Jackson (bear), and Logan (penguin) with Emma (owl), Noah (whale), Lily (gibbon) soon to follow. Each bop bag is made of biodegradable vinyl and includes one soft cotton character cover [additional covers sold separately]. A portion of every purchase will benefit the Wildlife Alliance in support of animal protection and forestry preservation. 

What we love: Made in the USA [some components are made in Maryland!], bio-degradable and family owned.

Look for these at both locations and in June. Preorder via email at

Fan aMuse Toys on Facebook or follow aMuse on Twitter and be the first to know when shipments arrive! 

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Toy Fair!

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Claudia Towles, Owner of aMuse Toys

It’s that time of the year when toy industry professionals meet at the New York City Javits Center for the largest display of playthings in the country. Tom and I have attended many times before, but this year we are particularly excited. For the first time, we will be closing down both locations for one day (Monday, February 13th) so that our amazing team can attend Toy Fair 12 with us.

As employers, Tom and I enjoy providing meaningful experiences and growth opportunities for our staff, not only to encourage their professional development, but also to sustain the level of customer service we pride ourselves of at aMuse Toys.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow our musings on Twitter as we will be sharing our observations and experiences all week long. You can also see all our whacky behind the scenes picture stories on Instagram.

(cool) Progeny’s fantastic editor-in-chief will also be tagging along so don’t forget to check out their take on our busy week. It’s going to be a great trip!

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