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Pengoloo Memory Game by Blue Orange Games


Challenging the limits of short-term memory, for children and adults alike, is one of the healthiest things you can do for your brain. Just like a muscle in your body, the more you exercise your memory, the stronger and more reliable it becomes. Pengoloo by Blue Orange Games is one of my favorite memory games that's just as challenging as it is adorable.

Pengoloo by Blue Orange Games

Pengoloo has incredibly dynamic game play — you can make it as simple or as difficult as you’d like. A few variations in how the game is set up, how many dice are rolled and the implementation of stealing penguins from other players increases both the strategy and challenge of the game.

Pengoloo Penguins by Blue Orange Games

The overall concept is very basic. Each player has an iceberg numbered from one to six. The first player to earn six daddy penguins to fill their iceberg wins the game. Players earn their penguins by rolling the colored die/dice to find the matching colored egg on which each daddy penguin sits.

Pengoloo Memory Game by Blue Orange Games

When setting up the game for younger players, put the eggs out first without the penguins on top. After each player has a minute or so to form a mental image of the eggs, cover them. This brief visual foundation of where the colors sit in relation to one another acts as a mental roadmap on how to navigate the game.

For more advanced players, set the penguins out with the eggs hidden underneath. By beginning the game without a mental image, one must form it as the game unfolds.

To start, one player rolls the die/dice. Use one die to keep it simple, or two to make it more advanced. The player must choose a penguin with the corresponding colored egg of the color they rolled. When playing with two dice, if the player guesses correctly twice, they earn another turn. This variation makes it possible for one player to score up to four points during one turn, which increases pressure on the other players to score big.

Pengoloo Memory Game by Blue Orange Games

For younger players, once the penguin is earned, they stay safely on their iceberg. If, however, you want to increase the challenge and incorporate a little alliance forming, you can encourage stealing between icebergs. This makes it so that all penguins are always in play. The ability for players to lose points as their pieces are stolen keeps the game active. It also encourages social development and good sportsmanship as well as makes the game more interesting for mature players.

As always, we love Blue Orange Games not simply because they’re fun and educational, but also because they’re eco-friendly, durable and have play value as well as relevance for a wide range of ages. For every one tree Blue Orange uses to create their games, they plant two new ones. And, if you lose a game piece or two, don’t worry! You can easily order replacement pieces to any of their games via their website. 

Here is a video demonstration of how to play Pengoloo from Blue Orange Games' Youtube channel.

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Roundup: Tegu's Baltimore Block Party & Mobility Line at aMuse

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 This past weekend at aMuse Toys was quite eventful. Not only did we have a great time racing and engineering some pretty cool wheeled creations, we got to hang with the amazing Tegu pit crew! Will Haughey and his team are some of the most passionate, energetic and just plain FUN people to be around.

Everyone at aMuse Toys had a blast.  We thank Tegu for the unique play experience they provided our customers and staff.

Tegu Mobility is truly ingenious.  Tegu had already taken the classic wooden block to a new level by adding magnets and now, with its mobility line, the possibilities for play are endless. The addition of wheels to the fascinating connectivity of Tegu blocks enhances play value for everyone --regardless of age.

We are thrilled to announce that the Tegu Mobility line is available in limited quantities at both aMuse Toys locations! We are the ONLY retailer in the country to offer the first run of these amazing new products. If you are not local, don't worry you can score Tegu Mobility online exclusively at

Don't forget to enter Tegu's HOW DO YOU ROLL? SWEEPSTAKES. One lucky winner will work directly with Tegu Designer, Nate Lau, to design Tegu’s next car, for more info click here.

Thanks to our friends at theWAIREHOUSE for documenting the fun on Sunday in Fells Point!

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Made by US: Topozoo

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It's our goal to provide our customers with the world's most beautiful and purposeful playthings. Many of our award-winning toys are designed and manufactured right here in the US. For the next few weeks, we will feature American-made toys in a series entitled, "Made by US."

What is Topozoo? It can be described as many things, but we just call it fun. Topozoo was founded by two dads in Ohio who aim to bring the manufacturing of creative, engaging toys back to the US. Their toy distribution company, Geared for Imagination, produces toys in the US from locally sourced materials, including Topozoo.

Each Topozoo set contains fifteen sturdy wooden pieces that build three animals. Kids (or 'kidults,' playful adults, as Geared for Imagination calls them) can make them or mix them to make thousands of unique creations limited only by the artist's imagination.

Sustainability is key in the manufacturing of Topozoo. The formaldehyde-free wood is sourced in the USA and is made of 100% recycled tree fiber. The US-made packaging utilizes recycled post-consumer paper and is 100% recyclable. The color stains are made in Vermont and are derived from whey, a natural byproduct of cheese making. Each dye is solvent-free, non-toxic and water-based.

Break out your colored pencils, stencils, paints, collage materials and other art supplies to embellish your Topozoo sets. The end result is a fun and colorful pretend-play figure that makes a great room decoration.

Visit the Topozoo website to find free downloadable stencils to add paper wings, tails and spikes to your creatures. This resource is a great way to jumpstart a child's creativity when building with Topozoo.

Below is a video by Geared for Imagination that explains the origin and inspiration behind Topozoo. Happy creating!

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