Bring Along Games- Barnyard Bunch

  • oh no! Farmer Fridolin's animals got out of the barn. He needs the help of you and his sheepdog Lilli to lure them back in this dice rolling, "working together" game.
  • Action 1: Roll the die. A color means that each animal on a space of that color moves 1 space away from the barn. Roll Farmer Fridolin and all the players work together to choose which animal goes back one space. Roll Lilli the dog and you can all choose 1 animal to go back to the barn (starting spot).
  • Action 2: Draw a card and perform the action shown. Will an animal get closer to escape? or will Farmer Fridolin persevere? Remember, an animal who has been sent back to the barn can still run away again if it's starting space is rolled or it's animal card drawn.
  • The game ends as soon as the deck of cards is used up or an animal leaves the path and escapes the farm. If the cards are gone and no animal has escaped the path, you all win together! If even one animal escapes, this means you have lost the game together.
  • Contents include: 1 starting game board, 8 path strips, 1 die, 8 wooden animals, 1 barn, 1 set of cards, 1 set of instructions