BRIO Cargo Harbour Set
BRIO Cargo Harbour Set

BRIO Cargo Harbour Set

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What far off port will your container ship sail to after you load it using the Brio Cargo Harbour Set? This unique 16-piece set has many working parts to load and unload cargo.

The container ship sails across the water and arrives in the harbor with cargo. Push the start button on the locomotive and in comes the battery operated train rolling on the tracks. Raise and lower the the harbor bridge so the ship can go by proceed to loading. Use the magnetic loading crane to drop the loads into the two hatches on the container ship.

Slide the box car doors shut and send the train on to its destination. All vehicles connect with magnets. The base of the container ship and the train tracks are made from high quality beech wood. With so many different activities, kids will stay busy playing for hours!

Brio Cargo Harbour Set

  • Battery operated train, cargo loader & container ship
  • Develops fine motor skills & imaginative play
  • 16 pieces with working parts to load & unload cargo
  • Magnetic, battery operated train cars
  • Sliding doors on box car
  • Magnetic loading crane
  • Tracks & ship base made from high-quality beech wood

    Item # B33061