Corolle LC Paris Party Dress

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Type: Doll
SKU: 746775373672
Make sure your Corolle doll looks party perfect.
This fashion set includes a shimmery short-sleeve brocade dress
in gold and ivory. Styled from head to toe, this set also includes
a purple velvet bowed headband with matching purple velvet slippers.
Young girls will enjoy hours of fashion fun playtime with styles from Corolle's
Les Cheries Collection. Meticulously sewn and finished, Corolle's accessory
fashions for the Les Cheries Collection reflect attention to detail that is
a company hallmark. Fashions are inspired by current fashion trends and
adapted for a young child's dexterity so they are easy to dress. Corolle
knows little girls by heart and designs its dolls for the ways they play.
That unique and special touch of refinement is the Corolle difference.