Feathered Kick Pod

Type: Active Play

  • High Quality Shuttlecock: Fusing Elements of badminton and street football that you can play indoor or outdoor like at home, in the office, backyard, gym or park. Keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can!
  • Best New Toy at London Toy Fair: Use your hands or feet to keep the jianzi in the air as long as you can, or count how many kicks / tricks you can make. Challenge yourself or against your family and friends!
  • 6 Level Challenges: The feathers and pro discs of the foot sports toy are customizable. Adjust the amount of pro discs to up the skill level; there are 6 levels that you can play like a pro!
  • Solo/Interactive Game: The kicking toy is fun & original. Keep yourself fit to play alone or with friends. This active, interactive game is set to take the global toy market by storm! Promotes hand-eye coordination training for kids!
  • The new biggest playground craze of the year: Available in 3 styles; Patriot, Hero, and Mad Dog; You will receive 1 random style selection. You can make your own rules and have a small competition to play with family and friends. Ages 3+