HABA Inspector Rabbit

HABA Inspector Rabbit

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First tactical thinking 

Ages: 6 to Adult
Players: 2 to 4
Play time: 20 min

1 game board
8 rabbits (in four colors)
24 crook tiles (= 12 crook couples)
1 big die
1 small die
Set of game instructions

Game play:
To begin your turn, place your two bunnies on the game board wherever you wish. Then roll the two dice. 

Add up the number rolled - 8, for example. You are permitted to move your two bunnies anywhere you wish, forward or backward as long as the total hops equal eight. (Examples: Hop all eight spaces with one rabbit, OR One rabbit makes two hops the other makes six, OR one rabbit takes three hops forward and then five backward… The variations are endless.)

All you want to do is end up with a rabbit on a space where it can peek under a bush and see a criminal. If you see one - REMEMBER where that naughty animal is after you turn the tile over again, because you have to locate both him and his partner using both your Inspector Rabbits on one turn to claim an arrest. Capture the most criminals and you win!