Liquifly - Deluxe

Liquifly - Deluxe


"This exciting water-rocket kit contains everything you need to blast a rocket up to 30 meters toward the heavens! That's as high as 9 stories! More than impressive, we say.

The beauty of the LiquiFly Deluxe Kit is that it's all-inclusive - you get the pump and bottle, as well as some useful extras. Designed to demonstrate the principles of thrust, acceleration and jet propulsion: these rockets really fly using only the power of water and air pressure.

The sleek bottle rocket itself features screw on fins to help maintain the correct trajectory, high and low launch valves and a special air-pump specially optimized for Liquifly rocketry.

Try experimenting with different water levels, and varying the air pressure to test how thrust is affected. Full instructions are provided in each kit on safety, set-up and how to really max out your thrust."