Love is All You Need Gift Set

Love is All You Need Gift Set

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Poppy Drops' Sets are the perfect gift for your favorite girl! The Love is All You Need Gift Set is themed after those flower pedal picking afternoons and is sure to be a hit with the little ladies.

Poppy Drops Pierce-Free, Temporary Tattoo Earrings are the perfect alternative to pierced ears! Detailed application instructions are on the back of each earring Collection bag. Earrings are long-lasting, waterproof and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Tattoo Nail Art is the first manicure of its kind! Pefect for little ones but totally hip for everyone. Unlike nail polish, these Tattoo Nail Art sets don't require any nasty chemicals, give off nose-wrinkling smells, or even require adult supervision. Parents don't have to worry about spilled polish or ruined furniture, and all kids need to get started having fun is a little bit of water. Each Tattoo Nail Art Tube includes twenty nail tattoos, each sized slightly different to fit each individual nail. Detailed application instructions can be found inside each Tattoo Nail Art Tube. Poppy Drops Tattoo Nail Art can be applied over polish or to natural nail."