Orbo Brain Teaser

Orbo Brain Teaser

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Match the colored balls with the colored rings to solve the puzzle, then mix 'em up and have another go!

The name of the game is Orbo, and the object is to organize all the colored orbs into their corresponding colored slots! The trick, those little orbs don't come out and there is only one open slot at a time!

Mix up the colored orbs by pushing them, one by one, toward the center of the Orbo until they snap into a different colored slot. Once it's all mixed up, see how quickly you can sort the orbs into their matching slot, leaving only the one blank slot open.

Orbo is easy to learn, fun to play, and can be mixed up for a new challenge every time! This Snap & Match puzzle teaches young puzzlers about colors and matching while bolstering their fine motor skills, and it provides a fun and relaxing game for more advanced players.