Plan Toys Play Table 80x120 cm

Type: Furniture
SKU: 8854740082473

This large wooden table is a perfect blank space for crafts, homework, games, and so much more! PlanToys Kid's Play Table does require some assembly and can be paired with the Play Table Drawer for additional storage. Use this perfectly sized table for toys, crafts, projects, and more! All PlanToys are made from sustainably harvested rubberwood trees that can no longer produce latex paired with surplus sawdust chips that are thermally reprocessed to form a durable wood, and finished with E-Zero non-formaldehyde glue, and non-toxic water-based dyes. From donating resources to a Children's Museum in local Thailand, to using a portion of profits to reforest nearby cities, PlanToys is sustaining the environment, and the economy, with their innovative rubberwood toys!