Kids First Robot Pet Shop

Type: Science
SKU: 814743014862

Join in on another engineering adventure with the Omegas — the family of makers and engineers featured in the Kids First early engineering kits! This time, the characters take a trip to a robotic pet shop where they encounter all sorts of cute robotic pets, including an owl, french bulldog, sloth, panda, chameleon, cat, turtle, and rabbit. As you read along with the beautifully illustrated 32-page storybook manual, you’ll build models of the adorable, motorized robotic animals the Omegas encounter, and experiment with them to see how each one uses the battery-powered motor and mechanical parts to move in a different way. Large, cubic plastic building pieces make it easy for small hands to put the models together. Robot Pet Shop provides an engaging way to teach simple engineering concepts to young children, allowing parents, teachers, and caregivers to lay the groundwork for strong STEM-related skills and comprehension at an early age. Model building and experiments develop fine motor skills, mechanical engineering skills, visual-spatial skills, and reasoning and concept development skills.